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*** How do students, university students and graduates benefit from youtrex? Look for more information here   |   Why do companies work with youtrex? Our short informational video highlights the important advantages of youtrex for partners   |   The youtrex scholarship program specifically provides intensive assistance and support to particularly talented and dedicated members of the youtrex community... Could that be you?;)   |   Achieving more together is about sharing experiences and knowledge - The youtrex Community provides you with a great variety of testimonials, theme months and expert discussions   |   youtrex - your track to excellence   |   Words of Wisdom: "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." (Winston Churchill, 1874 - 1965) ***


Achieving more with youtrex!

The career network for pupils and students

  • Get found & supported
  • Know your future employers now
  • Build a successful career – do it the smart way

Receive information on career development and support opportunities in a customized, The youtrex partners will send you information and offers according to your profile and wishes. mobile We make sure career and support information gets to you directly – with our youtrex app, even to your smartphone! and
secure fashion. The protection of your personal data is our highest priority. Register now via our security server in Germany.

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Why join?

Individual Offers

Our partners use the youtrex search engine to discover you and send you career information and suitable job offers, scholarships, and invitations to events.

Effective Network

Only youtrex allows high school/university students, and graduates of all courses of study to engage in a lasting dialogue with universities, nonprofit organizations, and businesses. Start now to prepare your transition to the working world by building a wide range of contacts with potential future employers.

Support Program

Highly movtivated and talented members receive special support and offers from the youtrex partners through the scholarship program.

Knowledge and Experience

Benefit from receiving valuable and useful information on a wide spectrum of academic and career topics including reports, current articles, and expert talks. Tap into the knowledge, expertise and experiences of other youtrex members and the partner network.

Our Vision

youtrex enables its partners to identify and support students and university students of all academic disciplines on their way to becoming tomorrow’s qualified and value-oriented employees and leaders. This vision is based on the following principles:


We have high expectations for ourselves and pursue ambitious and worthy goals.


We place great value on scientifically founded knowledge as the basis for economic and social conduct.


We value comprehensive education as a critical necessity in a globalized, knowledge-based society and we look beyond our own horizons.


We seek an open exchange across all academic disciplines and and socio-economic boundaries and are open to new ideas. We are committed towards shaping a responsible society by working together - rather than against one another -  in order to achieve greater results.

The youtrex Partners: