youtrex values

Our approach to careers is based on the values of excellence, science, education, and openness to dialogue. The youtrex values reflect our main principles and are evident in communications and interactions within the youtrex network.

Young people can learn to understand the value of sustainable corporate governance and help to implement this vision throughout society.  For youtrex, a career is a community achievement. Let us achieve more by working together, rather than against each other.


youtrex accompanies all members on their way to academic, professional, and personal excellence. Our members are expected to show commitment and versatility. We want them to achieve their individual potential and boldly pursue their own lives, to formulate high expectations for their environment and themselves. Additionally, we encourage members to act responsibly and in accordance with the principles of sustainability in their future efforts in business, science and society.


Solid scientific knowledge is the basis for economic and social conduct. youtrex members are expected to possess a solid foundation of scientific knowledge as well as professional competence. In cooperation with experts and universities, we help young academics to prepare themselves to meet the specific requirements of the world of work they will be entering.


Education is one of the most important requirements for achieving responsible conduct in a modern and globalized, knowledge-based society. For this reason, youtrex and its partners work towards a common educational goal that aims at qualitative breadth and depth in equal measure. youtrex members are encouraged to keep an open mind; they should always be tolerant of different opinions and views and respect the diversity of different cultures and ways of life. As a career network, youtrex is also always open to work with its partners in order to expand the diversity of its educational offerings and to establish a broad spectrum of high-quality opportunities for its members.


Wishing to ensure that future top performers receive optimal study and job guidance, youtrex strengthens the personal dialogue between young academics and the various areas of business, science and society. This openness to dialogue and exchange also means that our members are expected to take part in activities outside of school and university, and show that they are willing to engage with people from other countries or social classes. Members should be curious and open to dialogue and use their talents not only for themselves, but also for social purposes and the good of society.