Terms of use

  1. Scope of Application
    1. These general terms of use for the youtrex website (hereinafter “General Terms of Use”) apply between the Operator of the youtrex website (youtrex.de), namely DGAN Deutsche Gesellschaft for akademische Nachwuchsförderung mbH (the “Operator”), and the person who registers with the youtrex website (hereinafter referred to as “Registered User”) and enters into a membership agreement with youtrex.de.
  2. General Provisions of Use
    1. Any use of the youtrex website requires the Operators’ consent. The use of the youtrex website is only permitted within the scope of these General Terms of Use. As a general rule, permission is granted by confirmation of membership and acceptance of invitations.
    2. The Operator may modify or delete information from the youtrex website, especially if it violates these General Terms of Use or provisions of law.
    3. The Operators of the youtrex website are not a party to any contracts or arrangements entered into by the Users or partners via this website.
    4. The User has no claim to the services of the youtrex website. The Operators of the youtrex website reserve the right to provide the services in a modified form, provided that this is not unreasonable for the User. In addition, the Operators of the youtrex website reserve the right to block an account or to modify or delete User data at any time without providing any compensation to the User.
    5. A membership with youtrex.de is free of charge.
    6. Registered Users are afforded the opportunity to take up various study or career offers. Based on their membership profile, they receive information or offers through announcements in the youtrex community and/or e-mail notifications.
  3. Registration
    1. Each User must register himself or herself* via the online registration form prior to using the youtrex website.
    2. The information given by the User at registration must be true and complete information and the User may not use a pseudonym.
    3. Users under eighteen require the consent of a parent or legal guardian to be able to register.
    4. Each User may only register once and create one User account.
    5. Moreover, each Registered User accepts the General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
    6. Apart from the regular membership status, Registered Users can also attain the status as scholar.
  4. Obligations of User
    1. The User agrees to keep its data up to date at all times, in particular to record its new educational progress. The User shall update its account no later than every six months.
    2. The User agrees to post only such photos and/or images in its profile which may be publicly shown. The User may only display photos of itself. The photos may not contain any logos and identifying features, neither of a commercial nor non-commercial type.
    3. The User must comply with all applicable laws and third party rights. In particular, the User is prohibited from:
      1. using proprietary content without authorization;
      2. using offensive or defamatory content, regardless of whom it may concern;
      3. aggravate other Users unreasonably (in particular through spam) (cf. Sec. 7 of the German Act against Unfair Competition (Gesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb, UWG);
      4. engaging or promoting anti-competitive practices;
      5. using pornographic or other contents which violate applicable law for the protection of minors or using, advertising, offering or selling morally objectionable content.
    4. Furthermore, the User shall in particular refrain from:
      1. sending chain letters;
      2. engaging in insinuating or sexual communication either explicitly or implicitly;
      3. employing mechanisms, software or scripts when using the youtrex website;
      4. electronic attacks on the network or individual Users;
      5. distributing or publicly disclosing any contents of the youtrex website or other Users unless intended or unless the content has been released for such purposes.
    5. The User must keep its User name and password secret and is responsible for the protection of these data. The User name and password are personal information. This information may not be disclosed to third parties. These personal access data must be protected against unauthorized access by third parties. The Registered User is fully responsible for all activities and entries made through its User name. Each Registered User shall be obligated to notify youtrex.de or the Operator without delay as soon as third parties obtain knowledge of its data or as soon as an instance of misuse occurs. youtrex.de and the Operator shall not be liable for damage caused to the Registered User by the misuse or loss of its User data.
  5. Termination of Contract
    1. Both the User as well as the Operators of the youtrex website may terminate the contract on the use of the youtrex website in textual form at any time without giving any grounds therefor. The User can send an informal request to mail@youtrex.de asking for the deletion of its account.
  6. Data Protection
    1. The Operators of the youtrex website are committed to protecting personal data. They are aware of and greatly appreciate the Users’ confidence which they have expressed by entrusting personal data to us.
    2. The Operators of the youtrex website comply with all applicable German data protection requirements (German data protection laws, the European data protection directive as well as all other applicable data protection provisions). In particular, the Users’ personal data will not be disclosed without authorization to third parties nor otherwise be brought to their knowledge.
    3. The User is advised in accordance with Sec. 33(1) of the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, “BDSG”) that the Operators of the youtrex website will store the User data in machine-readable form and will process such data in connection with this and other agreements.
    4. User data are only disclosed upon the User’s express consent, for example by a User’s request to use special services or by releasing the data on the youtrex website.
    5. Details of these provisions can be found on the youtrex website in the section containing the Privacy Policy https://www.youtrex.de/service/privacy policy.
  7. Responsibility for Contents
    1. The Operators of the youtrex website assume no responsibility for the contents on this website provided by the Users or external partners.
    2. The Operators of the youtrex website distance themselves from any unlawful, violence-glorifying, racist, pornographic and similar content which can be directly or possibly indirectly accessed via links on this website.
    3. If the User notices an illegal use or use in breach of contract, the User is requested to notify the Operators by sending us an e-mail at mail@youtrex.de.
    4. Although the Operators of the youtrex website take care to ensure that the User data are valid, they assume no liability for the true identity of the registered persons.
    5. Despite the greatest possible care, freedom from error cannot be guaranteed. The Operators of the youtrex website therefore accept no claim based on the assumed accuracy, currency or completeness of the information offered on this website.
  8. Liability
    1. Damage claims against the Operators of the youtrex website for any legal reason whatsoever shall only exist if the Operators of the youtrex website violate a material obligation under this agreement (cardinal obligation) or are guilty of gross negligence or intent. In case of a breach of material obligations under this agreement or gross negligence, liability shall be limited to the foreseeable damage.
    2. The Operators of the youtrex website assume no liability for the contents of Users’ posts. They shall in particular not be liable if such post violates the intellectual property rights or personal rights of third parties. This shall also apply to websites to which the Users have provided a link.
    3. Despite doing everything possible, 100 percent availability and function of the youtrex website cannot be guaranteed. The Operators of the youtrex website do not assume any liability for any adverse effects with regard to either.
    4. Claims for bodily injury, injury of life and for a violation of personal rights pursuant to the Product Liability Act (Produkthaftungsgesetz, ProdHaftG) shall remain unaffected.
  9. Indemnification
    1. The User indemnifies the Operators of the youtrex website against all claims and/or damage claims of other Users or third parties based on the User’s posted content. This shall particularly apply if the User’s posted content violates the rights of third parties.
    2. If third party rights are violated by any content posted by the User, the User shall, at the Operators’ choice, either obtain the right of use for such content at the User’s expense or provide such content free of protected rights. If third party rights are violated by the User’s use of the services of the youtrex website, upon receipt of a request from the Operators of the youtrex website, the User shall immediately refrain from such illegal use or use in breach of contract.
    3. The User shall bear all reasonable costs, including legal costs, which the Operators of the youtrex website may incur as a result of a violation of rights by the User.
    4. The foregoing shall only apply to the extent that the User is responsible for the damage or violation of rights.
  10. Rights in Contents
    1. By posting a contribution, the User grants the Operators of the youtrex website an unlimited and irrevocable right of use of that contribution.
    2. The  Operators of the youtrex website shall have the right to use and permanently make such contributions available yet without being required to do so.
    3. The Operators of the youtrex website and their cooperation partners reserve the copyright for all content provided by the youtrex website. The content is intended solely for the personal use of the User and may not be used for commercial purposes.
  11. Final Provisions
    1. Changes to this agreement must be made in writing. The requirement of written form may also only be amended in writing.
    2. The Operators of the youtrex website reserve the right to change the General Terms of Use at any time without giving any grounds therefor, unless such changes are unreasonable for the User. The User will be notified about any changes. The changes shall be regarded as accepted by the User if the User does not raise any objections within a period of two weeks.
    3. The communication from the User to the Operators of the youtrex website shall be conducted by e-mail; in the reverse direction to the User, the communication shall be conducted by mail, facsimile or letter to the address stated in the User’s profile.
    4. Should a provision of these General Terms of Use be ineffective, the effectiveness of the other provisions shall not be affected. The parties to this agreement agree to replace such ineffective provision with a provision which most closely reflects the original economic intention of the parties.
    5. Place of performance is the place where the Operators of the youtrex website have their registered office.
    6. To the extent legally permissible, the place of jurisdiction shall be the registered office of the Operators of the youtrex website.
    7. German law shall apply under exclusion of international private law and the provisions of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods as adopted by German law.